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  1. Subscribers sign an undertaking on the application form relating to the use of Worldscale. Only the name and address shown on the application form are the registered subscribers and no Worldscale Schedules or information may be passed to any other companies whether they be Associate, Parent, Sister, Subsidiaries, Joint Venture, Pool Managers or Members, or even branch offices. All offices wishing to use Worldscale will have to subscribe in their own right.
  2. Subscribers are also entitled to purchase additional Schedules and additional licences for use only within their own offices and not to be passed on to any other persons.
  3. Subscribers should be aware that the Worldscale Associations will take such action as it considers necessary, including immediate termination of a subscription and with it access to Worldscale, in the event of the Associations discovering clear evidence of an infringement of copyright or the terms of the subscription agreement as outlined herein.
  4. Whilst we continue our endeavours in being as helpful as possible, subscribers are reminded again, that it would be impossible to produce the Schedule and Website and provide our service at the current fee, if subscribers order and provide additional schedules and website licences to other offices. This would also be an infringement of the copyright law in respect of WORLDSCALE.

  5. Registered Office: Copenhagen House, 5-10 Bury Street LONDON EC3A 5AT
    Registered in England No. 717249